rose éternelle or rouge sous cloche
rose rouge feuille d'or
rose éternelle or rouge sous cloche
rose rouge feuille d'or

Red-Gold Eternal Rose
Under Glass Bell

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 It symbolises an intense, deep and above all passionate love. Gold adds to your eternal splendor and radiance.

Meaning of the red rose

The red rose is the most meaningful and common flower of all. Its significance has always been strong, as the red rose symbolizes love and strong emotions. It conveys a passionate desire or message, through a pleasant atmosphere, where inspiration and romance transpire.

An immortal gift

The golden eternal rose under a glass bell is an immortal flower. This magic rose needs neither maintenance nor light. It brings a chic and luxurious touch to your home. Placed on your bedside table or in your living room, its immortality evokes a pleasant scent of memories and feelings on a daily basis.


Event for this enchanted rose

You can offer a red eternal rose under a bell for various occasions.

  • To show your passionate and lasting love
  • Declare your love on Valentine's Day
  • To express your burning love
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Engagements
  • Strong and symbolic relationship


A luxurious eternal rose

Each golden rose is made from the highest quality materials. Its petals are made of aluminium for the finest possible appearance while combining solidity, they are then gold-plated. The base is made of solid wood and the dome of thick glass. The LEDs can be easily removed, running on batteries built into the wooden base for a perfect cordless result.