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Grey Rose Teddy Bear (10 Inches)

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This teddy bear made of grey roses is a stylish gift idea. Grey is the essential symbol of calm, this soft color can be offered to all your loved ones. In addition to being a great gift, its small size will fit perfectly the modern decoration of a room, on a bedside table.

A beautiful mix between the indispensable teddy bear and the majestic rose. A combination that arms it with great sophistication and timeless love.

Its sophistication brings it to every occasion that deserves such a unique and precious gift: Christmas gifts, birthdays, weddings but especially Valentine's Day.

Our craftsmen are dedicated to the quest for excellence and ensure that these bears are handcrafted with high-quality materials. Their many roses are soft and pleasant.


  • 10-inch teddy bear
  • Artificial Grey Eternal Rose
  • Satin ribbon