The Rose Unicorn, A Plush Toy Of The Imagination

We all dream about this magical creature with the longhorn. We like to hunt it, catch it and put it in its magic garden. The rose unicorn has been tamed in a secret place called Neverland. It is now available for adoption. Irresistible, every childish soul desires to possess her.

A Combination Of Roses With A Unicorn

Fleur Eternelle has combined, for you, a wonder of nature with a magical creature! First in your dreams, now on earth. Here is the famous rose unicorn. For its fairytale side, and to make it immortal, the unicorn is made from eternal roses.


A Little Girl's Birthday.. Or A Big Girl's?

The rose unicorn is perfect to please a little girl. Add a touch of magic to her life with this magical creature. Very popular with children, it also finds its audience among adults! Stop hiding behind your mask and get a unicorn for yourself.