For All Lovers: A Romantic Gift

We are very happy to hear that, you are most certainly a person who is madly in love! Love at first sight or a long relationship, don't fall into the trap of routine, keep the passion of your couple burning. Nothing surpasses love, and to surprise your partner at any time, nothing is more romantic than a box of roses. A simple gift, preparing for a romantic and unforgettable evening? You've come to the right place to surprise and dazzle your partner with glitter. Fleur Éternelle guides you in the purchase of your eternal roses to be offered as a gift.

What Is The Eternal Rose?

The eternal rose is above all a fresh and natural rose full of life. After maturing, it is delicately hand-picked by craftsmen. It will then receive a spell, a preservation. This preservation will consist of replacing all its natural sap by a biodegradable sap. Once the magic has worked, the unique and beautiful immortal rose can begin to spread its epidemics of love.

The Advantage Of An Eternal Rose

Offering roses is symbolically very strong, too bad they only survive a few days. Imagine receiving a gift from the most important person in your life and having to throw away the faded roses. What a pity! Luckily, boxes of eternal roses exist, and these creatures have more than one trick up their sleeve. With no maintenance, no water and no sun, your gift will be immortal from now on. An eternal rose lives on average more than 3 years, enough to surprise more than one.

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