The red rose - Language of love

The Red Rose is the flower of love by excellence. It designates many feelings at the same time such as desire, passionate love and devotion. It is the rose by default to declare his laziness to the chosen one of his heart. Its language can also be complex according to its maturity and its state of bloom. Indeed, a red rose in bud state will represent more the purity of your love, and the novelty of strong feelings. It can also in certain cases designate a love which must remain secret, and hidden from the big day. While a red rose at full maturity, bright red and well opened, will signify an accomplished and intense love. The peak of its bloom is the image of a love that has intensified and matured over time.

The unavoidable flower for Valentine's Day

The Red Rose is so intense and symbolic that it is by far the most offered flower on Valentine's Day. It is largely offered alone, to signify a real love at first sight. A perfect flower to attract attention on the day of the lovers' day. The red rose surprises your beloved every time, and this after every year. We all know the weakness that women have when approaching this beautiful queen of flowers. So why deprive yourself of this power? Don't think for a second and offer an incredible red rose on Valentine's Day.

Flower models that will seduce

And even if this rose isn't especially meant for Valentine's Day, offering it as a simple thank you to the person you love can be a lovely idea. Besides, the red rose is very appreciated by our moms. This noble flower will be the centerpiece of the living room or centerpiece of the table, to send positive waves of freshness. The red rose is so widespread and appreciated that it may already be the object of a gift. Don't worry, Fleur Eternelle has anticipated this problem and offers you a multitude of models. Our florists love creativity and love, that's why they have innovated many of our best products:

  1. Red Forever Rose
  2. Red Eternal Rose Bear
  3. Red Rose Heart
  4. Large Box Of Red Roses

Our eternal red roses

In the image of its romanticism, Fleur Éternelle presents a selection of Red Rose. These flowers are stabilized, making them eternal, to keep them for many years. Our eternal roses are preciously kept under a quality glass bell. This glass bell protects your rose, while giving all its contemporaneity. Your rose will require no maintenance. No need for watering, nor sun. To maintain it, nothing is simpler than to pass a dry cloth to thus dust it.

Our box of red roses

When the choice is imposed on several flowers, box of red roses are an excellent choice. Fleur Éternelle offers several types of bouquets. Going from a bouquet of 4 roses, 9 roses and even 15 roses, a wide choice is offered to you. The bouquets of flowers are presented in black boxes, to keep the surprise of the roses well hidden until its opening. Several forms are present for our bouquets, a round bouquet, a square bouquet or even a heart shaped bouquet, the choice is complicated.

Our red roses bears

The refinement of this flower leads to these beautiful bears in red rose. These creatures are handmade designs. Each red flower is delicately placed on a foam structure. The operation is repeated more than 300 times to make this masterpiece incredible. A collection of more than 300 soft foam red flowers just for you. Each creature comes with a silk bag and a surprise card to store, protect or even give as a gift. The effect is all the more incredible when your recipient opens his silk bag to discover this red rose assemblage.