Longevity in its purest form

The purple rose is often associated with longevity. It also represents modesty, simplicity, modesty, charm, delicacy and subtlety. It can be offered to a person to wish them good health. This brings him to our New Year's Eve, as best wishes. Through the purple roses, we will express calm and dignity. This flower has a lot of meaning, depending on the message the recipient wants to send. If you wish to offer it, leave a note that will explain your attention, the effect will be even greater.

Its declination in lavender color will on the contrary mean love at first sight, for a loving or friendly relationship. It determines the enchantment you wear for the relationship with this person.

A Mother's Day gift

With its meaning of longevity and best wishes, the purple rose can be the perfect gift for a birthday. Whether it's a family member or a friend, no matter how old they are. Its success and appeal to the female population makes it a perfect gift for Mother's Day, not to mention our grandmothers.

Purple flowers that match the black ones.

Its strong connection with birthday presents brings the purple rose to every party. Florists and designers love to combine it with black roses for a trendy, chic and warm decoration. Fleur Éternelle offers a multitude of models to make your evening decoration a success. It also goes well with a simple and modern interior decoration.

Our Eternal Purple Roses

In the image of the charm that this flower exudes, Fleur Éternelle presents a selection of Purple Rose. These flowers are stabilized, making them eternal, to keep them for many years. Our eternal roses are preciously kept under a quality glass bell. This glass bell protects your rose, while giving all its contemporaneity. Your rose will require no maintenance. No need for watering, nor sun. To maintain it, nothing is simpler than to pass a dry cloth to thus dust it.

Our box of purple roses

When the choice is imposed on several flowers, box of purple roses are an excellent choice. Fleur Éternelle offers several types of bouquets. Going from a bouquet of 4 roses, 9 roses and even 15 roses, a wide choice is offered to you. The bouquets of flowers are presented in black boxes, to keep the surprise of the roses well hidden until its opening. Several forms are present for our bouquets, a round bouquet, a square bouquet or even a heart shaped bouquet, the choice is complicated.

Our bears in purple roses

The refinement of this flower brings to these beautiful bears in purple roses. These creatures are handmade designs. Each white flower is delicately placed on a foam structure. The operation is repeated more than 300 times to make this masterpiece incredible. A collection of more than 300 purple flowers in soft foam just for you. Each creature is also accompanied by a silk bag and its surprise card, to store, protect or even give as a gift. The effect is all the more incredible when your recipient opens his silk bag to discover this purple rose arrangement.