The Eternal Rose Under A Bell

A fresh and natural rose throughout its growth, it is preserved by means of a chemical process. Its original sap is replaced by a biodegradable synthetic sap. All the magic takes shape after its preservation, making it immortal and beautiful. It no longer requires any maintenance. No need for sun or water for this queen of flowers, which will remain beautiful and radiant for at least three years of her life. To preserve it for even longer, it is placed under a quality glass bell, protecting it from humidity and dust. The Eternal Rose under a bell can be perfectly decorated or used as a centerpiece.

A Unique Gift

Our Collection of Preserved Roses In A Box naturally includes a beautiful box that will seal the rose in a beautiful holder. Its black box and ribbon makes this rose a luxurious gift. Its packaging gives you the opportunity to offer this queen of flowers easily. Placed under the Christmas tree, or on the table of a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, find the perfect place to surprise your recipient.

Your Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Fleur Eternelle will accompany you in your quest to offer a romantic gift, to surprise your partner and make this special day unforgettable. Our clients regularly slip their favorite jewelry into the center of the rose under the bell, or between the paws of a bear rose. Make the right choice!