The Rose Heart, A Symbolic Gift Out Of The Ordinary

No one can resist this plush. The heart is so symbolic, representing love, that it charms all women. The rose itself, graceful and noble, makes each gift so luxurious, with powerful messages, that it is perfectly suited to a crazy and passionate love. How did you find your way between a big heart and beautiful roses?

A Combination Of Roses And A Heart

Fleur Eternelle has combined, for your best gifts, these two wonders of nature to make one! Here is the beautiful rose heart. To add even more effect to your girlfriend, this creature born with eternal roses. The hardest part of your mission? Choosing the perfect color for your eyes.

A Must-Have For Valentine's Day, And Make Your Girlfriend Happy

For an incredible effect, place the rose heart on your bed, your spouse will be surprised when she goes to bed. Strong emotions guaranteed, she will know how to thank you. It can also have its effect at the foot of the Christmas tree on a beautiful morning, on December 25th near the fireplace.
Most importantly, put a personal touch to it for an amazing surprise.