Offering roses has always been a symbolic act that determines how much you love a person. Unfortunately, these flowers have a short life expectancy and die quickly. Such sad news when you know all the love that has been transferred through your rose.

What Are Forever Roses Under A Bell?

Inspired by the famous tale of Beauty and the Beast, the eternal rose under a bell is a flower that has undergone a magical spell. The spell is so powerful that it gives an immortal flower, which will fade only minimally after 3 long and beautiful years of life.

This magical spell is actually a chemical process that will replace the sap of a fresh rose with liquid glycerin and dyes. In order to obtain such a beautiful eternal rose, which bewitches every person who comes across it, we grow our roses by hand and in a natural way. Once the rose has reached maturity, we delicately cut the flower by hand and take it back to the enchanting room. Once perfectly immortal, we carefully place it under a quality glass bell, where it will spend the rest of its wonderful days.

Why Are Our Roses Such Beautiful Creations?

We select only the best roses for our creations. Once mature, we remove the stem of the flower as well as the damaged petals. Once the rose is pruned, under its glass bell, we carefully decorate its environment. All decoration is done by hand, by professionals and florists. No detail is neglected to achieve a luxurious forever rose under a bell.

The delicacy of our creations and the freshness of our roses will make an excellent home decoration or an original and symbolic gift.

Fleur Eternelle Selection!

We have selected, for you, mostly natural roses in a multitude of colours and at the best prices. To satisfy everyone's taste, our roses are available in different colors. We have also put forward some roses made of silk, they are very close to natural but very interesting financially. Our natural roses are picked by hand by craftsmen, they undergo a preservation, replacing the natural sap of the rose to become immortal. All preferences and budgets satisfied, no more excuses not to buy the rose of your dreams, and please your loved ones.

To whom should you offer an eternal rose?

Cast a spell on your partner, family or friends with a beautiful rose under a bell. Requiring no maintenance, this immortal flower will be the symbol of your forever love and commitment. The enchantment will ensure that your feelings will never be broken. Don't wait any longer to cast magic on your social and romantic relationships.