Offering roses has always been considered a symbol of eternal love and affection. But the sad thing about these flowers is that they die quickly. Thanks to the Eternal Flower, you can now get real roses that won't fade.

What Is An Eternal Rose?

Eternal Roses, also known as Enchanted Roses, are 100% natural roses that are kept under a glass bell. These roses are grown in a natural and conventional way just like ordinary roses, except that they are produced, maintained and cut by hand. Once the roses have reached full maturity, they are ready to be picked. The stems of the roses are coated with a glycerin-based preservative. This process allows the natural sap in the flower to be replaced by this preservative, making it immortal. Even if the natural sap of the rose is completely replaced, the texture, shape, and color of the flower remain intact.

Why Are Our Roses Are Beautiful?

To obtain a perfect rose, our flowers are cared for like jewels. Damaged petals are removed and the flower is pruned to perfection. The result of this process is an eternal, beautiful, fresh and bright rose that you can display in your home. These eternal roses do not only make a perfect romantic gift for your partner. They are also suitable for family members, friends, and anyone else you care about.

Fleur Eternelle Selection!

We have selected for you a wide variety of eternal roses in a multitude of colors and at the best prices. Our real eternal roses are grown and maintained by hand and have no rival on the market because of their fresh appearance.

We also carefully select artificial eternal roses to meet all your requirements. Made of silk, they look and feel as close to natural as possible.

To whom should you offer an eternal rose?

Offer your partner, family or friends a beautiful rose that requires no maintenance. No need to be watered, pruned or exposed to direct sunlight. This immortal flower will be the symbol of your eternal love and commitment to your relationship. This enchanting rose, inspired by Beauty and the Beast will ensure that your feelings will never be broken. Bring a real smile to your partner's face with a beautiful rose and make your relationship even more magical.