The Rose Bunny, An Extraordinary Companion  

We're all falling for that little beast! The rabbit is so tender that no woman can resist him. The rose, a must for every romantic gift, is classy and elegant. You want to surprise your friends and family, but you don't know how to choose between these two gems?

Association Of Roses With A Bunny

Fleur Eternelle has pooled, for you, these two wonders of nature into one! The great arrival of the rose bunny. For even more magic, the rabbit made of eternal roses. Your mission is simple, adopt a bunny, give it a name and love it.

A Classic For All Your Big Parties

Our bunny isn't picky, he's just waiting to be loved by his new family. Birthday of a little girl, decoration for a chic party, or for a beautiful Valentine's Day. He will be happy and ready to cuddle a lot.