The Black Rose - Pure Elegance

For several years now, the Black Rose has been a real craze for its elegance. Its closest meaning lies in desire. A person who chooses a black rose can evoke a desire for adventure, joy and discovery of something new. A person who consciously chooses black roses can show and claim a free spirit. The black rose is also strongly found in our decorations. Indeed, many florists and decorators regularly use it to decorate ceremonies and parties. It gives a design and modern side to floral creations for every event. We also find it in the ultra modern decoration of our houses. But these modern symbols have not always been the same. Originally, the black rose is actually a flower symbolizing the end of a period. The meaning of this rose has evolved over time. Previously used for funerals, it is now forgotten and replaced by the beautiful white rose. We then retain a rose with an expression of style, elegance and good taste, especially in today's world. Whoever consciously chooses black roses can show and claim a free spirit.

An element of modern decoration and design

The black rose is therefore often associated with modern decoration. It is also often associated in the evenings and events with the color purple. It is an essential element of decoration for your interior. It integrates perfectly into your interior by its elegance and purity. It will catch the eye of all your guests. For the worshippers of luxury and refined decoration, the black gold rose will fill you up, it will send shine to your interior.

A flower to please oneself

All these symbols make it a flower for your decoration, but unusual to offer to your entourage. It is more common to turn to another color of pink, especially white when it is to please a friend or family member. Turn to a bright red for the love of your life. The person who receives a black rose may not consider your attentions. And if your desire is really for the black rose, leave him a note with your rose, to put a nice note on it.

Our eternal black roses

Reflecting its elegance, Fleur Éternelle presents a selection of Black Rose. These flowers are stabilized, making them eternal, to keep them for many years. Our eternal roses are preciously kept under a quality glass bell. This glass bell protects your rose, while giving all its contemporaneity. Your rose will require no maintenance. No need for watering, nor sun. To maintain it, nothing is simpler than to pass a dry cloth to thus dust it.

Our black rose bears

The refinement of this flower leads to these beautiful black rose bears. These creatures are handmade designs. Each black flower is delicately placed on a foam structure. The operation is repeated more than 300 times to make this masterpiece incredible. A collection of more than 300 soft foam black flowers just for you. Each creature comes with a silk bag and a surprise card to store, protect or even give as a gift. The effect is all the more incredible when your recipient opens his silk bag to discover this black rose assemblage.