The Story of the Rose in the novel Beauty and the Beast

The preserved rose, a real-time bomb in Beauty and the Beast, acts like a clock. This enchanted rose, under its glass bell, will bloom until the Beast is 21 years old. The age when the Beast will have to find an immortal love if he's not be transformed for the rest of his days.

This rose is full of symbolic meaning. It represents love, obviously linked to the story of the film. In the traditional fairy tale, the wilting of the rose symbolizes the beauty that left the Beast during the enchantment. Here, the meaning diverges, more indirectly signifying the Beast's chances of finding love.

Roses are also responsible for death, when they wither. They hide thorns under their leaves to prevent them from coming together. The faded rose represents the disappearance of all value in life. It is this message that the Beast feels, if he does not break the spell of the eternal rose, he will never know love. The past message is that if love no longer exists, we might as well know death.

The rose is also a symbol of mystery. It opens slowly to reveal all its beauty, only for those who have taken the time to discover it. A reflection of romance.

For Beauty, this mystery is different. It corresponds to an enigma, to discover what the Beast hides. This enigma comes into play for the first time when she enters the forbidden room and finds the rose under her bell.

The Beast will eventually break the spell when the last petal falls. Disney has sent a beautiful message of love, which is worth meditating on.