The Rose Bear, A Plush Out Of The Ordinary

We all fall in love with this little ball of fluff, the plush bear is so cute that no woman can resist it. The rose, classy and elegant, is the perfect gift to send a strong message to the person you love. How to choose between these two symbolic and unique gifts?

A Combination Of Roses With A Bear

Fleur Eternelle has combined, for you, these two wonders of nature into one! Here is the birth of the bear rose. For even more magic, to make this creature immortal, the bear is in eternal roses. The most difficult thing will be to choose its color, because they are all incredibly cute.

Valentine's Day, Birthday or even Christmas : a must-have

The teddy bear made of roses for a little girl, the rose bear for a romantic gift or the big bear for a beautiful Christmas gift. The bear made of eternal roses is a gift that will surprise your recipient for sure. Simple and effective, it entices every woman and sends a crazy message!